What Our Clients Are Saying

“With the help of Tracking Football we’re able to quantify and compare a prospective student athlete’s speed, strength/explosion, and quickness among other physical traits to thousands of other data points that are maintained in the TF database. This service has allowed us to become more critical with the way we think about recruiting”

– Recruiting Coordinator – BIG TEN

“Tracking Football’s database and user-friendly platform help to streamline our evaluation process.The evaluation of prospects happens earlier each year, and it is great to have a product that allows for a more efficient process.”

– Director of Recruiting – BIG 12

“Tracking football has greatly benefited us in our recruiting strategy. The data is there and in some cases helped serve as a deciding factor on some kids. I can attribute Tracking Football to the discovery and commitment of at least one recruit in this class, and hopefully many more in the future.”

– Recruiting Associate – BIG TEN

“In the day and age of analytics and identifying multi-sport athletes, Tracking Football provides an objective and reliable resource. They are not trying to replace your evaluation like other services, but they are trying to enhance your own evaluation with critical and often difficult to find factors. Tracking Football is the MOST VALUABLE SERVICE you can purchase and you are likely wasting your money buying anything else and wasting your time trying to find this information on your own.”

– Director of Recruiting – BIG TEN

“Tracking Football has been a very useful asset over the last few months we have been a client. We have found two major ways where it has really come to aid in our recruiting process. The first, it has been a source to lean on when we lose a recruit and we are looking for a few more names to add to our position list. The PAI has been reliable when rating a recruit’s athletic ability, and when looking for new names, we are looking for some of the best athletes at the position to focus our search on. Second, as we look to the next year’s recruits and recruiting cycle, this is a great way to compare athletes at a position prior to the Evaluation Period and Camp Circuit. We are always trying to get the same eyes on guys so we can compare but Tracking Football can, in some ways, do that for us so we can once again narrow our focus and offer the right guys first.”

– Director of Player Personnel – MAC

“(Tracking Football) is a great tool for discovery of new prospects across the nation.”

– Asst. Director of Player Personnel – ACC

“We use a lot of services and Tracking Football’s platform stands out as the best and most user-friendly

– Player Personnel Analyst – BIG TEN

“We got Tracking Football and it does exactly what we want it to do. We find players using their scores and track metrics, it really works well for us.”

– Director of Recruiting Ops – PAC-12