Tracking Football Dashboard Update FAQ

Get ready for a game-changer.

Tracking Football’s latest significant upgrade—coming this summer—features an entirely revamped dashboard. The upgrades will change the way you use athletic analytics to identify and recruit the right football players for your program.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Tracking Football’s new and improved dashboard.

Q&A: Tracking Football’s New Dashboard

What Makes the Updated Dashboard Better?

The updated Tracking Football dashboard provides users with instant access to new players and more engagement with the site.

Users can set preferences and alerts to better access the specific players and types of players they want to evaluate. Additionally, it provides snapshots of every FBS and FCS program’s recruiting classes and level of athleticism by recruit.

What Are Some of the New Filtering Options Included on the Dashboard?

Tracking Football has been known for its ability to provide users with filters for data. The new dashboard takes it further by providing filters for player metrics previously unavailable, like transfer portal tagging, conference offers, wingspan, hand, track event performance by year, expanded geographic location, and more.

What Type of Information Is Included in the Updated Player Profile Snapshots?

The new player profile snapshots are a lot of fun! We worked closely with multiple college programs and an NFL team to create more detailed and innovative profiles.

The player profile snapshots include expanded personal information, player accolades, expanded athletic grades (Madden Ratings), more athletic analytics, expanded “TeamSelect” options, user notes, and—best of all—comparable players are included on every profile.

Can You Customize Which Player Updates Information Appears on Your Dashboard?

Yes. Every user can easily customize their new dashboard by setting up their player preferences and using multiple options to set alerts or save players. These functions will provide users the ability to customize incoming updates and information to their dashboard.

Users also can receive daily emails updating specific players based on user preferences and player alerts.

Can Tracking Football Send Player Update Information to My Smartphone?

Yes. Tracking Football allows clients to customize which data they want to be pushed to any device.

How Does the Expanded “TeamSelect” Feature Work?

Like our original dashboard, users can choose any team as an “anchor” for grades and relevance of raw athletic data. The new dashboard also allows more depth and expanded team selections from Division I-FBS to FCS. Once a team is selected, a quick snapshot will be visible on the dashboard.

How Do I Become a Tracking Football Client?

Tracking Football is an NCAA-compliant service. We have client engagement personnel standing by to walk you through the process. If you have questions, please email us at

I Already Subscribe to Your Service. What Does the Upgrade Cost?

Upgrades are part of every current client’s access, and you will be billed for them annually. For more information on pricing upgrades or if you wish to get access to additional features like depth charts, more high school classes, or years of past data, please email us at

Choose the Right Players with Tracking Football

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