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See who the fastest players are in any conference with one click.


Go to your search page in your account and left click the “College Players” bucket.


We will use Rondale Moore for our example. Start typing┬áRondale’s name into the search bar. You can either finish the spelling and hit return or choose his name from the drop down.



After hitting the submit button click Rondale’s name to enter his profile.


You can click any of the light blue shaded boxes to pull up conference or team results. I will click the 60 meter dash box under Big Ten WR.



By clicking we essentially get a short cut to a search of fastest 60 meter dash WRs in Big Ten. This search can also be done from the blue shaded search filter with any criteria you want to add.


If you click the view more button seen above, it will take you to the full search results. Below you can see indicators for the search criteria used if you want to apply a similar search using the search sliders.


See our other blog post for additional searches or research studies.