Recently we looked at recruiting classes throughout the Big Ten, keep in mind the conference has expanded to 14 teams.  So this was not a small amount of research and we totaled 305 recruits across the 14 teams.  Specifically we looked at multi-sport participation and track participation by recruits.


* Overall multi-sport participation for all 2014 Big Ten recruits was approx 83%

* Overall track & field participation for all 2014 Big Ten recruits was approx 59%

* Overall basketball participation for all 2014 Big Ten recruits was approx 46%

Iowa led the Big Ten classes with 100% multi-sport participation, followed by Northwestern 94%, Minnesota 91% and Ohio State with 91%.

Minnesota led the Big Ten classes with 73% track & field participation, followed by Iowa 70%, Northwestern 67% and Ohio State with 65%.

Michigan State, Minnesota, Illinois and Rutgers’ recruiting classes had the highest average PAI scores
Note: PAI scores are TrackingFootball’s own height, weight, speed and power index scores.

See chart below…

Big Ten Recruiting Class Multi-Sport ChartBig Ten Recruiting Class Multi-Sport Chart

What’s the takeaway from this?
Fairly simple…over 8 out of 10 Big Ten recruits participated in at least one other high school varsity sport.  And a lot of recruits participated in high school track almost 6 out of 10.  It pays to be a well-rounded athlete and competitor.