In a previous article, the 4 teams playing for a National title were discussed. This article will take on some of the remaining matchups. Our company’s tagline is Our data. Your advantage.” Our goal is to provide facts over conjecture. Whether you are in the media or a fan that loves your team, use the same data that major programs use to scout their opponents. Read the link to see how simple yet powerful our PAI score can be when predicting game outcomes.

Allstate Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, LA, No. 15 Texas (Big 12) vs. No. 5 Georgia (SEC) 8:45 p.m., ESPN

Gary Johnson leads the Long Horns in total tackles. His PAI is 3.9.  Slotted as an LB he is the verified fastest LB to play in the Big 12 going back to 2010. In addition, if he is compared to SEC LBs he will be the fastest Georgia has faced.

As mentioned in the previous article, Alabama has one of the deepest rosters of verified athletes Tracking Football measures. Georgia is one of the teams that have begun to close the athletic gap on Bama.

Eric Stokes is an up and comer for UGA. The sophomores PAI is a very impressive 4.6 and his combine score a 4.4 both out of 5.0. His verified 100 m time makes him the 4th fastest corner out of 158 to play in the SEC since 2010.

Georgia has a team PAI of 3.5 and Texas sits at 3.3. The number and depth of verified PAI athletes at each position favor Georgia in this matchup.

Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual, Pasadena, CA, No. 9 Washington (Pac-12) vs. No. 6 Ohio State (Big Ten) 5 p.m., ESPN

The Huskies have been led on defense by Ben Burr-Kirven, who has a rare combination of verified speed and shot put explosion. Jordan Miller is one of the pillars of that defense too., He started as a true freshman. His PAI 4.4 and his combine score a 4.6 verified his athletic ability even as a true freshman. His 24’00” long jump puts him athletically close to Adoree Jackson of the Titans.

The Buckeyes are another team that seems to reload their athletic coffers each year. Paris Campbell is a 4.2 PAI, center Michael Jordan is a very rare 5.0 and Malik Harrison, who leads the team in tackles, has a 4.6 PAI. Malik would be in the top 5 % of all LBs in the Big Ten since 2010 in the high jump and long jump.

Washington has brought more athletes in each year. They currently sit at a 3.2 PAI, while OSU is a 3.4. The PAI vs. PAI matchup on the field favors the Buckeyes.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl, Glendale, AZ, No. 11 LSU ( SEC) vs. No. 8 UCF (AAC) 1 p.m., ESPN

LSU has a number of verified athletes on the field. Devin White’s 4.5 PAI is well known. What most people do not know is that he is one of the fastest LBs to play in the SEC. Using the Tracking Football database and pulling all 100 m times for LBs as far back as the 80s, Devin is the 4th fastest (let that sink in for a moment).

UCF has had a remarkable run. They do not have as many highly rated PAI athletes, but they do have high numbers of above average ratings. Joey Connors DT has an impressive shot put and a 3.4 PAI. Even back up RB Adrian Killings is a 3.0 PAI. When Killings runs against LSU he will be one of the fastest RBs they have seen this season.

Most writers are looking for a UCF victory. UCFs team PAI is a 2.7, while LSU is a 3.5. Verified athleticism favors LSU for a Fiesta Bowl win.

VRBO Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL, Kentucky (SEC) vs. Penn State (Big Ten) 1 p.m., ABC

Just in the last couple of years, the Wildcats have increased the number of their verified athletes.  Darius West leads the team in INTs and is second in pass breakups. His PAI is a 3.4 and his combine score a 4.1.

The Nittany Lions Micah Parson is a Freshman but leads the team in total tackles. Nearly 60,000 D1 and NFL football players have been added to our database. Less than 2 % of these are rated a 5.0; thus, it is a very rare mark. Micah is one of the very rare 5.0s. Using the Tracking Football database, I did a search for the fastest Big Ten signees that weighed over 225 lbs. Micah would be in the top 8 and in the same company with Shawn Crable and Deondre Campbell.

Kentucky has a team PAI of 3.1. This is a close athletic match up but Penn State has a slight edge with a PAI of 3.3.

Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL, Mississippi State (SEC) vs. Iowa (Big Ten) 12 p.m., ESPN2

The Bull Dogs and the Hawkeyes both have a team PAI of 3.2. This should be a tight game. Two players to keep an eye on are: A.J. Epenesa rated a 5.0 PAI since early in high school and Cam Dantzler a 4.4 PAI.  A.J. is the most explosive discus thrower the Big 10 has seen in years. Cams long jump places him in the top 10 %.

Look for continued coverage or reach out to us for more data.