Tracking Football helps clients identify prospects quicker and easier. From our home page in the bottom right corner you can see how many total players are available for viewing in the database. You can also see how many players have been added and updated in the last 20 days. Click “Search players” at top of the screen to enter the search page.



Once on the search page you can type a name to search in the free type area. For this search we are going to choose a position group to start discovering players (Tracking Football has all 247 profiles and relevant rivals’ profiles already loaded in the database. In addition, we have many unknown players that do not attend the standard camp series). Click the down arrow next to highlighted orange arrow.



For this example, we will choose the O-Line position group. After clicking the down arrow next to position, you will see position selections. I have clicked all the O-Line positions.



Next step is to left click anywhere on the blue search filter which will minimize the positions you have selected or alternatively you can hit escape. Below position move the height slider from left to right to set a minimum height. The PAI takes height and weight into consideration. It is set at 3 to cut down on less athletic and smaller body types. Within the orange box you can see what has been selected thus far as your search criteria.



Scroll down the page and near the bottom of the search filter click the down area next to “High School”.  Below “High School State” and “Committed To” choose recruiting class year. 2020 is selected for this example.



After hitting “Apply Search” at the bottom of the search filter your search results will be displayed. You can expand the view of your results from 10 to 25 by choosing the option next to arrow A. You can export the results into excel by choosing arrow B.



The results are automatically sorted by highest PAI to lowest. The PAI has considered height, weight, the explosiveness/athleticism in shot and disc plus other sports. Combine score is next to the PAI. Within your results you can sort best to worst by clicking the top of the column. “HS Sport” column shows other sports the player has participated in. If you wanted to search by heaviest or tallest you can simply click the top of the height or weight column.



Why should use Tracking Football for Discovery to start your process?

  • We have names not found with other list services.
  • We have all relevant camp profiles.
  • Using the PAI to sort thousands of names allows you to only watch film on verified athletes. (Clients trust the PAI to help not miss on prospects’ athleticism, thus spending more time on program fit, film for your big board, etc.)
  • Combine score allows you to sort thousands of names in the same manner as the PAI.
  • You can also sort thousand of names by height, weight, multiple sport participation, there are hundreds of sorting combinations which create dynamic search options.
  • You can also build searches by looking up the best players in the NFL or other college teams.

Contact us for any search help or studies you want to perform on the database.