ESPN released an interesting article and video indicating college coaches’ preference for “multi-sport” players at the quarterback position.  Some college coaches going so far to say specialization is a “hindrance” to young quarterback development.  

This is a stark contrast from prevailing media attitudes about specialization, particularly regarding the high school quarterback position.  The explosion of year-round individualized position training and series of specialized “elite” camps only reinforces the supposed need for high school players to specialize.

TrackingFootball’s research indicates 27 of 34 (79%) of this year’s SEC and Big Ten quarterback recruits were multi-sport athletes in high school.  Almost 1/3rd were high school baseball players and over half played basketball. Approximately 180 quarterback recruits were signed by Division I-FBS schools in 2014.  Nearly 70% of those recruits were high school multi-sport athletes.

The numbers indicate being a multi-sport high school athlete does not harm the development of quarterbacks.   It might actually be helpful.  Parents, players, trainers and GURUS please take note.