ROUTE Analytics and Tracking Football Announce Partnership

ASHBURN, Virginia, September 30, 2020 — ROUTE Analytics and Tracking Football have partnered to expand their market leading recruiting platforms. Tracking Football will feature the ROUTE College Football Recruit app on its website and social media channels as the preferred recruiting platform for high school athletes looking to play at the next level. By leveraging ROUTE’s innovative, AI/ML-powered predictive analytic platform, athletes will then gain access to Tracking Football’s leading scouting service for college football programs, receive more exposure, and be available for evaluation by more college recruiters.
“The combination of these two platforms will provide athletes, parents, high school coaches, and college recruiters a seamless and efficient approach to the recruiting process”, said Craig Ridley, co-founder and CEO of ROUTE. “Our partnership with Tracking Football widens the funnel and gets more athletes in front of college recruiters with a targeted approach.”

Building on years of independently verified data and key athletic performance statistics — Tracking Football will add more athlete data with ROUTE to enhance college football clients’ recruiting and evaluation efforts by helping them identify the best and most athletic prospects for their programs.

“Decision-makers throughout college football have begun to adopt a more rigorous approach to recruiting” said Mark Brandstad, Tracking Football CEO. “We see the proprietary innovation from our respective companies leading to wide-spread change in recruiting and we’re really excited about this partnership.”

Combining ROUTE’s front-end mobile app for high school athletes and coaches with Tracking Football’s established back-end delivery to college football programs, the two companies will offer its customers an even more tailored and reliable recruiting experience. Evaluating prospects and recruiting just got easier for everyone.

About ROUTE Analytics

ROUTE Analytics is a data science and advanced analytics company that helps high school football players choose the best path to play college football. Created by athletes, parents, and coaches, the ROUTE College Football Recruit app is the only end-to-end, real-time recruiting platform delivering predictive analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn more at

About Tracking Football

Tracking Football is the only scouting service available that gives football teams access to independently verified data on key athletic performance statistics, like track and field data, in an easy-to-use format. Our proprietary scores support and enhance your recruiting and evaluation efforts by helping you identify the best and most athletic prospects for your program. Learn more at


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