Ryzer and Tracking Football Announce Partnership






June 25, 2021


Urbandale, Iowa – Now high school football players will have a way to showcase their verified overall athleticism scoring to college football programs across the nation under a new partnership between Ryzer, the leader in sports camp software, and Tracking Football, the leader in athleticism analytics.


Ryzer will use Tracking Football’s trusted scoring algorithms on the football combine testing results of tens of thousands of high school football players to help college football teams with their evaluation process on potential recruits.

Ryzer’s new GO App empowers Ryzer’s 5,000+ event operators to accurately record and distribute athlete testing data through the new Ryzer Recruit platform.  

“Adding Tracking Football’s scoring algorithms to our football camp testing results will help athletes better understand their overall athleticism, as well as provide them the opportunity to showcase their results on our leaderboards and athlete profiles to college coaches nationwide,” says Andy Priestley, Ryzer’s CEO.  

Ryzer works with 250+ college and independent football event operators, including more than 70 NCAA® Division 1 programs. “Through this partnership, college football programs will be empowered to gain more value from their camp testing data to help them make better evaluations on the players that attend their own camps as well as those from across the nation,” Priestley added.

Tracking Football works with more than 70 NCAA® Division 1 programs, top college all star games, and NFL® teams helping them all make sense of the wide variety of combine testing, track and field results, and multi-sport backgrounds on prospective recruits and draft picks.

“Tracking Football’s new web platform will feature more than 120,000 player profiles, player comparison algorithm, updated PAI® score, and team depth charts.  In addition, Ryzer’s continuous flow of combine testing data on high school recruits will run through our scoring algorithms as part of our core offering to our college football clients,” says Mark Branstad, Tracking Football’s CEO.

Amid the approval of one-time transfers and inevitable NIL athlete compensation firming up soon, the NCAA® transfer portal is exploding in popularity.  Tracking Football has a transfer portal solution that helps college football teams evaluate the athleticism of players in the portal with verified combine data or those that participated in track and field and other sports during high school. 

“The testing data from Ryzer will carry forward to those players that enter the transfer portal in the future, thus helping college teams with their evaluations on those players.  This is especially helpful for those players that transfer with minimal or no playing experience in college.  Their athleticism data then becomes key for evaluating their potential to play at the various levels,” says Branstad. 

The relationship between Ryzer and Tracking Football will carry into pro football as well.  Ryzer’s subsidiary, Ryzer Mindset, has a long history of helping NFL® teams with the mindset evaluation of draft prospects through its Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) assessment — including the last 3 Super Bowl champions.  Tracking Football’s athleticism scoring combined with the TAP results will allow for the first time an overall “holistic” evaluation of a player’s physical athleticism and mental mindset to better identify the players that have the “full package” to make it at the pro level.  

About Ryzer

Ryzer helps athletes and teams gain a physical and mental edge. The Ryzer product suite includes Ryzer Events – our flagship registration system used by 5,000 event operators annually. Ryzer Alerts – our patented event marketing system matching athletes with instructional and recruiting events. Ryzer Go – our mobile app that streamlines athlete evaluation. Ryzer Mindset – the gold standard in measuring and maximizing the 12 intangibles that lead to athletic success.  And Ryzer Recruit – an online exchange where athletes can showcase their verified physical and mindset testing results to college coaches seeking trusted data on prospective recruits.


Learn more about Ryzer at Ryzer.com, Ryzer Mindset at Ryzer.com/Mindset/Teams and Ryzer Recruit at RyzerRecruit.com.  For more information, media should contact – Rob Pike pike@ryzer.com  


About Tracking Football

Tracking Football provides college and professional football teams access to independently verified data on key athletic performance statistics, like track and field data, in an easy-to-use format. Tracking Football’s proprietary scores help coaches at all levels identify the right athletic talent for their programs, while providing unique context and analysis to track and field data and combine testing on tens of thousands of football players.


Learn more about Tracking Football at TrackingFootball.com.  For more information, the media should contact Mark Branstad info@trackingfootball.com


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