Fourth year in a row the Super Bowl according to Tracking Football…

The PAI average and multi-sport percentages of the Super Bowl Rosters:

Tracking Football – SB53 / PAI



Top PAI players on both Super Bowl Rosters:

Patriots Top 11 PAI







Rams Top 11 PAI



NINE Super Bowl Trends and Track Facts: 

1) PAI AVERAGE for both rosters = 3.5 / 5.0 which is roughly the same average PAI score for NFL Draft picks over the past eight years. Sense a trend? 

2) A lot more Rams players participated in high school track and field than did Patriot players. However the Patriots did have a higher per player PAI score.

3) 68% of the Rams 53-man roster participated in high school track, that is the highest in several years.

4) Overall high school multi-sport participation by both teams was down from prior years but still over 90%.  

5) TWELVE players from this year’s Super Bowl ran the 100 meter dash under 11 seconds in high school.

6) TEN players from this year’s Super Bowl threw the shot put 50-feet or better in high school.

7) NINE players from this year’s Super Bowl long jumped 22-feet or better in high school. 

8) Both baseball and wrestling saw slight increases between the two teams. 

9) Almost half (49%) of the Patriots roster had high school basketball backgrounds. 













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