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Learn how we can help with scouting. Our clients can scout any team in FBS (select FCS) and never be surprised again by speedy and agile receivers or pass rushers that bend the edge at high rates of speed. Verified athletic data and scores (PAI) for high prospects, college players, and NFL players.

Opponent scouting can be done as quickly as searching the nation for high school prospects. First next to “search by” select the “Teams” header.

Once the team page pops up you can either select from the drop down menu, or search by conference. For this example Kentucky was selected. After selecting the team you will land on their home page.

Beneath the orange arrow click the slider to add players to your “saved players” folder. The slider will turn blue when players are moved to the saved players folder. I am going to select 10 total, which includes linemen and skill guys to give a full view.

Select your “saved players” folder to see the players you selected.

Next step is to select your “compare saved players” folder to see the players you selected. This is the same folder you can save high school prospects, and NFL players for side by side comparisons.

You will be prompted to select which saved players that you wish to see side by side. I have selected “all”.

You can print, PDF, or email the comparison grid to share with your staff.