There are many ways in which you can discover, verify, and compare players on our platform using search functions. Our high school database allows for discovery of thousands of prospects. You can sort high school prospects by PAI, height, weight, track data, and offers all through search filters. Verify player athleticism using our track and combine data. Compare your program’s players and NFL draft picks.

We will use J.J. Watt as an example since he was slightly undersized (weight), had few FBS offers, but a high PAI score.

Lets get started.


Select either college bucket or NFL

Type in J.J. Watt select and hit submit.

We will use body type and verified field event data.

In the personal filter section choose DE under position. Based on J.J. Watt’s high school height the slider for minimum height is set at 6’4″. Minimum weight slider is set at 225.

Track filter: Choose track and field beneath scores filter and click throwing events. Shot put slider was set at 25’00” minimum.

41 current results across the nation come up

Players’ multi-sport data, offer total, height, weight, high school, and committed to are all shown on search results page. Twitter links and hudl links can be found clicking into specific profiles.

PAI search:  Using a minimum PAI scores can help discover body types with jumps, sprints, and hurdle data as seen in Calais profile going back to 2004.

Saved search: To save a search click save search and then name your search. As new players are added to the database, those meeting your save search criteria will appear in your saved searches.

Teams page: click link to search your current and past rosters or scout an opponents roster.