Recently we crunched 2014 recruiting data on the five “power” teams from both the SEC Conference and Big Ten Conference.  What we found was 40 yard dash averages, gathered from ESPN, Rivals and team sites, was nearly identical across the two conferences. So taking 40 times to try to establish a speed differential between SEC and Big Ten recruiting classes was NOT possible.  Maybe that’s a no-brainer?

However we did find a differential in favor of SEC recruits in the average 100 meter time.  And the differential was fairly large, 11.15 seconds compared to 11.36 seconds.  Sure, a lot fewer recruits ran the 100 than we have 40 yard times but the differential is striking.  Add to that the differential in shot put and long jump averages…and perhaps the SEC might have an argument?  Average PAI scores and star ratings also favor the SEC, but that was expected.

See chart below:

TrackingFootball's   Big Ten vs SEC Recruiting Speed Study TrackingFootball’s
Big Ten vs SEC Recruiting
Speed Study