Our hometown newspaper did a feature on TrackingFootball and the Player Athletic Index scoring system.
East grads develop metric for gauging players’ ability

Article brief:

“In an era of specialization, multisport athletes have become fewer and fewer over the past couple of decades.

But thanks to the work of a pair of Columbus East graduates, new data is showing that nearly 90 percent of the NFL draftees during the past two years played multiple sports in high school. The biggest number of those — 63 percent — competed in track and field.

With those football and track athletes, Mark Branstad and Aaron Hunter have developed a formula that takes a player’s height, weight and track stats (usually their 100-meter time or long jump distance for skill-position players or shot put distance for linemen) and molds them into a Player Athletic Index (PAI) score.”

TrackingFootball - Mark Branstad (founder) and Aaron Hunter (co-founder)

TrackingFootball – Mark Branstad (founder) and Aaron Hunter (co-founder)