Tracking Football is pleased to announce a partnership with Europe’s Elite. Europe’s Elite is an international leader in the football skills, combine, and events camps industry. This partnership will provide European athletes with unique athletic evaluations and top notch skill development. In addition, college football evaluators will gain access to athletic analytic insights, previously unavailable, on thousands of International football prospects.

Europe’s Elite will apply Tracking Football’s Player Athletic Index (PAI), combine, and other athletic scores to camp attendees and leverage Tracking Football’s database of thousands of current and former NFL and college players. Tracking Football and Europe’s Elite camps will provide an un-paralleled glimpse into Europe’s most talented and athletic football prospects.

Evaluating and recruiting international players to compete for American colleges and universities increases annually. Many programs utilize significant resources evaluating domestic players. The growing international scene provides alternative areas to find and recruit major athletic talent.

The partnership between Tracking Football and Europe’s Elite was forged to provide a large platform of discovery and evaluation for football evaluators. We are excited about the partnership’s growth opportunities and look forward to making the database product available to our existing clients and future clients soon!