TrackingFootball Twitter PAI List

Through our Twitter account coaches have been identifying names of high school football players across the country that are also track athletes.  We have researched all submissions so far and evaluated them using our Player Athletic Index scoring system.

As of January 3rd we have evaluated 43 high school football player submissions.  Here are some observations

  • 2 players (5%) earned a 5.0 PAI rating
  • 7 players (16%) earned a 4.0 – 4.9 PAI rating
  • 16 players (37%) earned a 3.0 – 3.9 PAI rating
  • 18 players (42%) earned a 2.9 or lower PAI rating
  • 9 players (20%) earned a 3 star or higher rating according to 247sports 

High School football and track & field athletes are able to create their own Athletic Profile on our site. These profiles will include our Strength Coefficient Score and the ability to compare against other athletes in our site.

Keep the submissions coming!

Below is a full list of all submissions: