TrackingFootball has been a national leader in researching the high school multiple sports background of football players at all levels.  We recently focused our attention on the 2015 recruiting classes of B1G football programs.

  • Overall 84% of all B1G recruits had multiple sports backgrounds in high school.  In addition there were more three sport athletes (24%) than there were “football only” players (16%).
  • 56% of all B1G recruits participated in track and field, making it the most popular secondary sport.  37% played basketball, 11% played baseball, and 5% wrestled
  • 13 out of the 14 B1G programs had at least a 75% high school multiple sport participation rate from their recruiting classes.  Purdue was the only team not to reach that benchmark (54%).
  • Iowa was the only team in the B1G that had 100% multiple sport participation, however Michigan State, Michigan, and Minnesota had all but one of their recruits participate another high school sport.

High school multiple sport participation, not specialization, has been the path for most 2015 B1G football recruits. TrackingFootball allows high school football players to create free athletic profiles that evaluate and compare players based on position, height, weight, weight lifting data, track & field and multiple sports information.