1st set your search criteria (PAI slider was set to 3.8). Under “personal & position” DT was selected as a position. Keep in mind you can set any search criteria including less than 3 offers, height, weight, shot put minimums, fastest national for 60M and 100M just to name a few.

Below the search results were sorted by lowest to highest offers (by clicking the arrow next to column header).

To the far right, I have clicked and saved 3 players.

Click the “Saved Players” folder

Click the “Compare Saved Players” folder 

Click the “All Players” selection

Below results will be side by side. Dexter Lawrence was pulled off the “Teams” page for Clemson. For more on looking at the “Teams” page see the Tutorial on scouting opponents.

You will notice updates to our search filter. We have listened to client feedback and attempted to simplify it. You will also see updates coming to the home page soon. Please reach out and let us know if you would like to see a Tutorial on any specific studies or searches. info@trackingfootball.com