Mobile app - coach dashboardWhy should coaches use Tracking Football?

Join the hundreds of other high school coaches and teams that have downloaded and used our FREE mobile app. This app will allow you to link with your players, build your roster, and view/edit all information submitted by players. You can organize your roster data including player athletic, academic, social media, and contact information. Additionally, you can create, email, and print recruiting reports on every player account and much more.

Mobile app - player dashboardWhy should players use Tracking Football?

Download and use our FREE mobile app to receive Tracking Football’s athletic scores, compare to your high school teammates, and link to your high school coach. Create your profile, including your athletic, academic, contact, social media info and much more. A special code will provided by your coach allowing you to link to your team. If your high school coach is not using the app it can still be a great tool for you and your recruiting.